Current and forthcoming Greek events in London

Most of the currentlly advertised events are cancelled or postopned due to the ongoing COVID19 outbreak.
Please check with orginiser if you wish to attend any of the events below.

 Lectures/Panel Discussions 

Nutrition Facts and Myths
Date: Wednesday 10 June 2020
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: We have survived about two million years as humans by eating. We are now inundated with information and advice about what to eat and what not to eat. What is scientifically correct and what is wishful thinking is not clear to most of us. What should we eat to be healthy should be the question. But there is a complication. We have evolved to withstand starvation. Those of us who could not store fuel perished. So now, in the affluent parts of the world, the problem has become how to get rid of what kept us going for two million years. So we have sensible diets and fad diets and superfoods and a great confusion. Are the advertised diets good or at least harmless or could they be dangerous? This talk hopes to give a sensible perspective on the matter.
Lecturer: Dr Despo Papachristodoulou (Reader in Biochemistry and Medical Education King’s College London)

Phone: 020 7563 9835

Late Medieval Monastic Peregrinations and the Bonds of the Orthodox Commonwealth
Date: Wednesday 24 June 2020
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the patriarchate of Constantinople was drawn into a series of explosive rows with the church hierarchy in Moscow, culminating in the refusal of Grand Prince Vasilii II to accept the Union of Florence. Study of this period has tended to focus on these well-documented events, highlighting the hostilities between the states. Yet a wealth of neglected material reveals another side to relations among lower-ranking monks, who engaged in frequent bi-lateral visits and collaborations independently of the intrigues in the patriarchal court.
This lecture will explore the nature and extent of these interactions, and the implications of the relevant sources for the larger picture of late Byzantine relations with Rus.
Organised by the Hellenic Centre and the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies

Phone: 020 7563 9835


The Trial Of Socrates  *** POSTPONED ***
Date: Sunday 29 March 2020 [19:30]
Venue: Drayton Arms Theatre, 153 Old Brompton, SW5 0LJ
Details: Athens, 399 BCE. The Oracle has revealed that Socrates is the wisest of men. The poor philosopher, the man who keeps saying that all his wisdom consists in knowing that he knows nothing, the wisest of men? For too long now he has been a fly in Athens΄ well -oiled democracy, threatening public order by his incessant questioning. There is no place in the City for the subtle introspection practised by Socrates. Does he not make fun of the Gods and corrupt the aristocratic youths he teaches? He must be stopped. Thus begins one of the best known trials in history and one of the most baffling. Socrates΄ enemies want him silenced but what does the City have to reproach him with, exactly? And why does the philosopher seem to accuse himself and give his judges no choice but to condemn him?
Peter James Thomas΄ new poetic drama addresses the mystery of Socrates΄ death with humour and poetry. A complex mixture of humility, arrogance, facetiousness and brilliance. His philosopher is a rich character whose motivation is as mysterious as it is respectable. As he seizes the cup full of the fatal hemlock, we would like to stop his hand - yet what must be must be, and Socrates must die. That he should take with him a little of our trust in human wisdom and democratic values has been our tragedy ever since.
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 Book Presentations 

We Are Made of Earth, by Panos Karnezis  *** POSTPONED ***
Date: Tuesday 24 March 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Writer Panos Karnezis reads from and discusses his new novel, We Are Made of Earth, with author and journalist Nadia Marks.
We Are Made of Earth is a skilled blend of seductive linguistic simplicity and luminous moral depth, a timeless story of connection and disorientation, longing and self-doubt, as well as a profound comment on the emotional cost of peace and security.
Born in Greece in 1967, Panos Karnezis moved to England in 1992. He is the author of five previous books: Little Infamies (2002, a collection of connected short stories), and the novels The Maze (2004, shortlisted for the 2004 Whitbread First Novel Award), The Birthday Party (2007, shortlisted for the Encore Award 2009), The Convent (2010) and The Fugitives (2015). For further information and bookings please click here

A Greek Folk Journey – Travel, Culture and Gastronomy  *** POSTPONED ***
Date: Friday 24 Apil 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Terina Armenakis, the author of the book, is travelling from Greece to sign copies and discuss her work. “A Greek Folk Journey” will help you discover the real heart and soul of Greece and is the perfect guide for anyone who thirsts to discover the real Greece.

Interesting seasonal produce festivals also feature, such as cherry, watermelon, fig, mushroom, olive and wine festivals. Commercial and agricultural fairs, which have a local flavour and where entertainment and delicacies are offered to visitors, are described to entice you. And if that is not enough, A Greek Folk Journey serves up regional dishes, helping you to savour the flavours of glorious Greece.
Terina Kalogeropoulos Armenakis was born and raised in Ethiopia. Her life has been dedicated to promoting Ethiopia from her position as the Honorary Consul General of Ethiopia in Greece. She is also a founding member of several cultural, humanitarian and business associations and Honorary President of the Consular Corps in Greece.

One Summer in Crete  *** POSTPONED ***
Date: Tuesday 19 May 2020
Venue: The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Nadia Marks (nee Kitromilides) grew up in London but was born in Cyprus where her novel Secrets Under the Sun is set. An ex creative director and associate editor on a number of leading British women’s magazines, she is now a novelist and works as a freelance writer for several national and international publications.

 Children activities 

Family Concert with Asterakia and Rebetiko Carnival
Date: Sunday 28 June 2020
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: It’s summer and our Asteraki travels to Greece, for an adventure! With a fun storyline and live musical instruments, we will explore the beauty of Greek music!
In a workshop after the concert, children will have the chance to meet the instruments and even play them! Arts and crafts activities will be running by a qualified art teacher.
Come and join us for our amazing Family Concert!
This event will be in Greek

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