Current and forthcoming Greek events in London


The lie (Το ψέμα)
Date: Saturday 7th October 2017 [17:30 & 20:30]
Venue: The Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2AJ
Details: It is with a great pleasure and excitement to announce the collaboration between Prosopa Events and Athinaika Theatra.
The first of many initiatives is "The lie", one of the most successful theatre comedy shows in 2016-2017 in Greece is coming to The Shaw Theatre in London on Saturday 7th October 2017 at 17:30 & 20:30.

This hilarious comedy “The Lie” stars some of the most well known and beloved actors in Greece. Thodoris Atheridis, Smaragda Karidi, Myrto Alikaki and Konstantinos Kappas will find out how a little lie can disturb the life of two couples.

“THE LIE” - Το Ψέμα
Written by Florian Zeller
Directed by Thodoris Atheridis

The story:
One evening two couples meet for a dinner. Alice and Paul have been friends for years with Michel and Lauren. Alice saw Michel kissing with another woman…. Will she tell Lauren about it? What will happen by the end of the night?
A comedy for everyone who is looking for the truth, but they would really prefer a lie. It’s tricky to tell the truth, when the truth has become one with the lie. ​

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“An evening dedicated to Aristotle”
Date:Thursday 26 October 2017 [19:00]
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Three letures dedicated to Aristotle:

“Aristotle's tomb at Stageira: an archaeological revelation"
An illustrated lecture in Greek by Archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis (English translation available)

"Aristotle on emotions and values in decision making"
An illustrated lecture in English by Professor Theodore Scaltsas

"Aristotle: An inspiration for our health and being?"
An illustrated lecture in English by Dr Eleni Tsiompanou

Booking essential: Telephone: 07904 086677 or E-mail: sec@macedonia.org.uk

Organised by the Macedonian Society of Great Britain

Cyprus Lecture: Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment – The Case of Cyprus
Date:Tuesday 05 December 2017 [18:30]
Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29), King's Building, Strand Campus
The under-representation of women in all fields of citizens’ activity is a well-documented fact in many countries. This presentation aims at investigating the representation of women in Cyprus with emphasis on their under-representation in positions of power. Comparisons with the situation in the other countries of the European Union will highlight the barriers women face in their attempt to enter and succeed in decision-making posts. Research-based data attest to the negative stereotypes towards and prejudices against women, the myths that prevent change and the divide between official rhetoric of equality and the policy and measures that should realize it. In this context the role of mass media and education has been investigated and their problematic approach on the issue of gender equality has been scrutinized. The presentation points to the need for the development of dialogue between men and women on the implementation of policy measures that will change the culture of inequality and naturalization of women’s inferiority.
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"Aegean Sea"
Date: Friday 19 May to Monday 5 June 2017
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: Eleni Sanikou exhibits works inspired by the Aegean with a series of paintings emerging from an impulse to represent a particular moment.
Meet the artist: Friday 19 May, 6.30pm-8.30pm. For opening hours call 020 7487 5060.

Beauty: A Controversial Concept. Photography exhibition by George Zampas
Date: Monday 12 June to Thursday 29 June 2017
Venue: Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, W1U 5AS
Details: 7487 5060 According to the Oxford dictionary, beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight, but also the intellect or moral sense.
Personally, beauty is a subjective and controversial concept which highlights the diversity of these senses, interpreted differently based on our background, upbringing and interests.
Beauty and ugliness are inextricably linked and indiscernible. This series of photographs discloses my personal perception of beauty, hidden for example in simplicity, friendship or love.
A few Words about George Zampas
I was born in Athens, a city of dense urban environment, which is an amalgam of historical monuments, newly-constructed and abandoned buildings, contributing to the city’s aesthetic appearance. Growing up in such a vibrant environment I developed an anthropogenic interest in photography.
I am a photographer interested in urban/street photography and travel photography where people’s emotions are reflected in my photos. Through my lens I capture small details of urban environments around the world, which give a flavour of the city. My work has been highly commended in The Photographic Angle’s Competition: Urban Street Art and also exhibited in the prestigious Guildhall Art Gallery in London.


Basketball: Great Britain vs GREECE
Date: Saturday 19 Aug 2017 [16:00]
Venue: Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London,
Details: Don't miss out on tickets for this sizzling encounter, as the Great Britain Senior Men's Basketball team will take on Greece, on Saturday 19th August at the Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in London.

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